About us

We Are LP Performance

LP Performance is an automotive company in Dubai and London that specializes in aftermarket parts as well as installs and custom builds for a wide variety of vehicles. We focus on providing the highest quality aftermarket parts combined with expert installation, which is why we have factory-trained Master Technicians from BMW, Mercedes, and other manufacturers in-house.

Additionally, LP Performance manufactures and distributes aftermarket parts for a variety of vehicles and the company is best known for its lowering links, LPPLinks, which have been sold throughout the world.

At LP Performance we are car enthusiasts ourselves and use our many years of experience to help customers make the best, most informed decisions. We are fortunate to have built such a large following since we opened 7 years ago, and enjoy working with both new and longtime customers. Past customers include actors, musicians, professional athletes, and all sorts of car fanatics.

Why Choose Us

LP Performance signifies an elite desire transcending the highest quality imaginable of auto & tuning the best brands in the luxury automotive business.

LP Performance has become the benchmark of the industry without ever losing the personalized aspect on which the company was founded upon.

Individual Special Care & Attention
German Engineering
Customized Design
Top End Quality

Our Vision & Our Mission

Elite desire transcending the highest quality imaginable in the auto industry of auto & tuning the best brands in the luxury automotive business.

Our Guarantee

LP Performance invites you to share our prized collection of work as we dedicate ourselves to a future of commitment and excellence.


Our goal towards our clients is to resolve all your car dreams under one roof with the highest quality possible german engineering and state of the art auto & tuning to your specific requests.

Horsepower and Torque adding to vehicles
Meters of Wrapping Materials we use
Wheels we bring on the Streets
Bodykits, Spoilers and more we installed